"Throughout the years Roger has consistently impressed me and my team with his creative abilities and his attention to detail in every aspect of his work. He has defined Idealogicals' brand though stationery, brochures, and several other marketing and advertising pieces that are always commented on by our clients. He has given us the look that separates us from our competitors at every sales presentation and at every encounter with our clients."
Andre Vittorio, President, Idealogical Systems Inc.
"I had the pleasure of having Roger on my team as Creative Director. He is amazing. Not only is he one of the most creative and innovative thinkers I have ever met, he is professional, sincerely and easy to work with. So much so that we continue to engage Roger anytime we need creative work done for a client. I know that I can trust him and his work. Roger Heale has my highest recommendation."
Dave Tighe, Director,Public Sector at Mindwire Systems Ltd. (former Head of Solutions at Head2Head and VP at OriginHR Canada)
"I've known Roger for a number of years and have always been impressed by his professionalism and ability to go above and beyond. His creativity and strategic mindset truly sets him apart. He's a true business partner and continuously provides solid value no matter how big or small of a project."
John Rodriguez, MBA, CHRL, Enterprise Talent Acquisition/Employment Brand Leader, TD Bank, KPMG, Scotiabank
"Each project has been an absolute pleasure - never any negative surprises, always delivered on-time, on-budget and always more than I've asked for in terms of quality and creativity. Roger is an incredible resource - he can be briefed at the start of a project and then set loose to develop the work, and it always comes back on the mark. He understands the process and provides leadership in developing and managing expectations."
Howard Weintraub, Director, Client Success & Innovation @ DAY, Former President OriginHR
"Roger is a superb designer and a true professional. He's been a valuable contributor to many projects at ClearFit, and I'm always impressed by his creativity, dedication, and ability to translate rough ideas into a polished and effective final product. Just as important, Roger is a pleasure to work with. His calm and pleasant work style make any project easy, and his ability to take and provide feedback makes him a real team player. 

On numerous occasions, he's helped us out with a tight deadline without complaint. This has made a huge difference in our business, and it demonstrates that he's a partner who is always there when you need him." 
Justin Norris, Solutions Architect at Perkuto, Former Director of CRMClearFit
"Over the years, both at Formglas and elsewhere, I have interacted with many marketing and design firms, but I can honestly say that non offer a comparable attention to detail and genuine effort to understand the nature of my business. Roger demonstrates the capacity to quickly grasp the essential dynamics of my industry and the nature of relationships we form with our customers. This is no small feat since we are in a unique industry serving a global market.
Particularly refreshing is Roger’s willingness to share new ideas in creative brainstorming sessions, including areas outside of an assignment at hand. Many firms would look upon this as another way to generate an invoice, whereas this is part of the essential fabric of Roger’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations."
John Chettleburgh, Chief Executive Officer, Formglas 
"Roger is my ace in the hole. Running your own business requires you to have the ability to partner with someone who can really over deliver when you need it most - and Roger is my go-to guy. 

I was lucky to work in the same agency as Roger for years - me as a sales leader and Roger as the creative leader. We always worked well together and it was fun to brief Rog. Briefing entailed me saying a few things until Rog said "OK, I got something I think will work". The product of those brief always amazed me so my trust was complete. "
Dennis Purdon, Principal, BrickhouseHR

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